• Diapact
  • Fluid Balance accuracy
  • High safety aspects in terms of fluid exchanges
  • High hemodynamic stability response for Total Fluid Management, thus preventing hypovolemia (excessive fluid loss) and hypervolemia (excessive fluid gain)
  • The Diapact System has one of the most efficient fluid warmers due to the design of the plates 20 to 39°C
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  • Range of Application
  • SCUF – slow continuous ultrafiltration
    CVVH – continuous veno venous hemofiltration
    CVVHD – continuous veno venous hemodialysis
    CVVHFD – continuous veno venous highflux dialysis
    HF – intermittend hemofiltration
    HD – intermittend hemodialysis
    HFD – intermittend highflux dialysis
    PEX – plasma exchange
    PAP – plasma-adsorption-perfusion