Solcart B

The Solcart B cartridge with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder is a practical alternative to liquid alkaline bicarbonate haemodialysis concentrate 8.4 %.

  • Cartridge housing of polypropylene
  • One filter at the cartridge inlet and outlet port respectively
  • Contents per cartridge: 650 g / 760 g / 1100 g equivalent to 6.5 l / 7.6 l or 11.0 l bicarbonate haemodialysis concentrate 8.4 % dialysis time for 6 – 9 h at a dialysate flow rate of 500 ml/min

Shelf life: up to 36 months



  • Easy-to-use by minimal product weight
  • High product quality
  • Less storage volume compared to liquid concentrate
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate powder complies with the European Pharmacopoeia monograph

Can be used in all concentional dialysis machines with appropriate cartridge holder